Weight Loss Keep it Simple Tip #9: Move.

We all know weight gain is real after celebrations, the holidays and weekend gatherings.  I can also relate to feeling a little sluggish after those times where I have made nutrient poor choices OR when I have been so busy and stressed that my mind is full of thoughts of what needs to get done.  I find if I do not clear the sluggish feeling or my mind I will continue to make poor choices and neglect my body only to regret it!

When this happens,  I keep it simple and move.  Moving your body is Solaris Keep it Simple Tip #9.  Moving my body is one of many ways that helps me change the trajectory of bad choices; creating that fork in the road to choose a different healthier path.  It typically takes me out of my environment, wipes the slate clean with a clear demarcation so when I am done I feel a clarity, sense of self-esteem and completion leaving space for the next choice to be a healthy one.

Here are some basic rules of thumb and strategies to get there and/or change it up.

  1. First, Understand It. There are two basic rules of thumb for stepping up your moving game
    1. The quantity of your movement or steps makes a difference. It is common knowledge that walking 10,000 steps per day has a myriad of health benefits.   A study conducted in 2010 over 15 weeks improved cardiovascular metrics as well as positively influencing physical and psychological well-being.
    2. The Intensity of your movement makes a difference. Did you know by picking up your pace you are able to burn  upwards of 54% more calories without having to run.  The average leisurely walking pace for a 160lb person is 2 mph burning roughly 102 calories.  The average upbeat walking pace for a 160lb person is 3.5 mph burning approximately 157 calories which is an increase of 54%.


  1. Second, Personalize it! Using these 3-Steps
    1. Establish your current baseline of
      1. Steps per day. I suggest Using your iphone or android health app, a fitbit, or iwatch . These would be steps you naturally walk between car, office, errands, to the train or subway or at home. For example, I may naturally walk 5,000 steps per day.
      2. Your fat burning heart rate. Determine your resting heart rate by putting 2 fingers over your pulse points on your neck or wrist and then use a fat burning calculator to determine your walking fat burning pulse rate.
    2. Step Up the Quantity of Steps. I suggest an increase of 25% to start. For example, if you naturally walk 5,000 steps / day without thinking about it, your new goal will be 5,000*1.25 = 6250 steps per day.  This can be easily done by
      1. parking farther away from the entrance in any parking lot,
      2. Walking at lunch, an extra 15 minutes in the morning, mid afternoon or evening.
      3. Hiking and enjoying nature on the weekends
      4. If you are already up to 10,000 steps I suggest not increasing and going to the recommendations in step 3 below.
    3. Step up the Intensity of your pace and get your heart pumping. Click here to measure your fat burning pulse rate.  If you are already doing this I suggest you start changing your day up and incorporating Tabata’s into your home and work day.   


  1. Third, Track it.  This is your only goal each day.  Why you ask? Because you have done all the preparation.  At the end of the day take 5 minutes and review your stats
    1. Make your goal? Then well done.  Look over your day and understand the methods you used to do it.
    2. Fall a little short? Do not stress it.   Simply go over what you steps you will change tomorrow to get closer to your new goal.  Trust that you will naturally move toward the goals as you do these things.

Try this Keep it Simply Tip #9 over the next few weeks and check back with me at Solaris for quick and easy ways to be healthy along with specials and programs educating you to be your best self!