It is time to take a stand for your health! I believe that when you have your health, anything is possible. Imagine unlocking your freedoms -- I’m ready, are you? I’m Ready For My Free Consultation! TM Are You Ready to Fix What You KNOW Can be Better?

Engineering Your Health™:

Possibility & Freedom Through Data & Science

Overachieving, busy, health-minded women, men and their growing families often know things can be better – they just don’t know how to get there.

Imagine a life free from common health and performance ailments.

(Such as heartburn, joint pain, fatigue, anxiety, sinus infections and weight gain)

Imagine removing what holds you back from living the life you deserve.

Wait a Minute..

What does Engineering Have to Do With Health?

Engineering is a field that involves taking our scientific understanding of the natural world to invent, design, and build things with the intention of solving problems and achieving practical goals.

My 15 years professional experience with health in the natural world and nutritional expertise is married with my chemical engineering background. It has created a proven process where I help my clients lose weight, address digestive, reproductive and sleep difficulties, and gain more energy and vitality in their daily lives.

Solaris Fast Facts:
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Semi-Pro Athletes
How Our 3-Step Process Works


Together we’ll deep dive to gain a thorough understanding of who you are and how you got here.


Ready to be heard? I’ve got you! Together we’ll work toward your goals for a better life.


Time for action! You’re now armed and ready for laser-focused progress towards your goals.

Stephanie Solaris
Your Health Engineer

Helping people achieve optimal health, freedom and possibility is what I do. Setting them free to live the life YOU desire is who I am.

I’ve been focused on fixing what I know can be better since childhood. It’s just what I was meant to do. And now, I am so excited to help you fix what you know can be better!

Find out more about my story.

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For the discerning individual who cares about the source of ingredients and wants to improve their health naturally, safely, and efficiently, this Collection was designed for you.

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SOLFUEL® Greens - Mocha Boost - 10.8oz

SOLFUEL® - Coconut Filled Bar - 18 Bars

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