Listen to The Health, Possibility & Freedom Podcast with Stephanie Solaris

Join Stephanie Solaris, the Founder and Director of Solaris Whole Health and the Founder and Developer of the Solaris Premium Collection of Supplements, to discuss health, wellness and functional nutrition topics to help you create the life that you desire.

Stephanie brings her over 30 years of scientific background with a degree in chemical engineering, along with her health and nutrition coach certification to each episode.

With a focus on the psychology and science of stress and weight loss, each episode will educate and engage you.

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Review the show notes and read a transcript of each episode at the links below.

  • Episode 8: Why You Can’t Lose Weight Or Keep It Off [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 7: The Act of Realistic Goal Setting [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 6: Sex at Night: The Differences Between Men & Women [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 5: Has COVID Hijacked Your Goals? [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 4: How Purpose Leads to Preparation [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 3: The Importance of Self-Compassion [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 2: Why We Lose Motivation and What to do When That Happens [COMING SOON]
  • Episode 1: Welcome to The Health, Possibility and Freedom Podcast [COMING SOON]

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