Superfood Infused Water to Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system with superfood infused water. Check out these easy add-ins for a delicious, healthy twist to an ordinary glass of water.


Can we let you in on one of our favorite health hack tips? Adding a few delicious ingredients to your water immediately turns it into a superfood with immune-boosting powers!  

For example, adding lemon to your water helps you stay hydrated while providing antioxidants and vitamins that promote digestion and naturally flush the body.  

Here are some other tasty detox drinks to add to your diet when you want to boost immunity.  

Recipes for Superfood Infused Water

1. Ginger water and tea 

Ginger contains several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, such as gingerolsshogaol, and paradols. They can be used to help boost your immune system. Research shows that ginger helps protect against many diseases due to its ability to neutralize free radical toxins.  

To make ginger superfood infused water or tea, zest or slice a teaspoon of ginger. Boil four cups of water in a kettle on the stove. When the water starts to boil, add the ginger in. Remove the kettle from the heat and let the ginger rest in the water for ten minutes. Strain the ginger and enjoy!

You can sip it while it’s hot like tea or store the leftover water in the fridge for a cold treat later.  

2. Citrus water 

Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges are known for being high in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system because it has antioxidant functions.

Research shows that vitamin C may reduce the duration of the common cold and contributes to immune health by supporting cellular functions of both the adaptive and innate immune systems.  

You can make citrus water by adding sliced lemons, limes, and oranges to cold water and letting it sit overnight in the fridge. Also, try adding some mint to your citrus water for a refreshing treat.  

3. Green tea 

Green tea contains anti-viral compounds, primarily epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), that helps boost the immune system by preventing the growth and spread of harmful pathogens in the body. 

You can support your immune health by replacing your daily coffee with green tea during cold and flu seasons.  

You can enhance the bioavailability of your green tea by adding a slice of lemon to it. Research shows that citrus fruits that contain vitamin C help enhance the absorption of tea’s catechins. Plus, you’ll get the extra benefit of more vitamin C in your diet! 

4. Papaya water 

Papaya contains antioxidant and immunostimulant effects that help protect against various conditions, especially gastric ulcers. It works by reducing oxidative stress that may lead to more serious diseases.  

Papaya is high in numerous phytochemicals that contain antioxidant properties, such as vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene and vitamin E.

You can make papaya superfood infused water by blending together water and chopped papaya together in a blender. Serve cold and enjoy! 

Hand holding a cut kiwi fruit5. Kiwi water 

Kiwi’s are extremely high in vitamin C. One study found that both green and gold kiwifruit are high in vitamins C, E, and K, as well as folate, potassium, fiber, carotenoids, and phytochemicals.

They have even been shown to reduce the severity and incidence of the common cold and flu.  

Try adding kiwi to cold water and allow it to steep in the fridge overnight.

You can also add strawberries or cucumber to the water for a delicious combination with more immune-boosting powers!  

6. Turmeric, ginger, and lemon water 

Turmeric, ginger, and lemon contain a powerful combination of immune-boosting substances that have all been shown to boost immunity.

Turmeric contains the active compound curcimin, which contains anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties to fight off the common cold or flu. Lemon’s vitamin C levels help provide added immune support while ginger contains additional antioxidants to reduce inflammation and eliminates free radical toxins.  

To make turmeric, ginger, and lemon water, add one teaspoon of turmeric and ginger to warm water with a few slices of lemon.

Allow the mixture to steep for a few minutes before enjoying. You can make a large pot of this and store leftovers in the fridge to sip on cold throughout the day.  

7. Cucumber water 

Although they are usually enjoyed as a vegetable, cucumbers are actually a fruit.

Research shows that they contain two compounds known as lignans and cucurbitacins that may help protect against cancer. They also contain several antioxidants to help reduce free radicals and keep your immune system in check. 

Cucumber water is super easy to make. Slice some cucumbers into thin pieces and add to water with lemons!

Cold cucumber water is best. Be sure to allow your cucumber slices to sit in cold water in the fridge to allow the mixture to infuse before serving.  

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