7 Tips For Viral Exposure Protection 

Along with boosting your immune system from the inside out, you can take several viral exposure protection steps to prevent yourself from viruses before they enter your body.

Follow these tips. 

Tips for Viral Exposure Protection

1.Wash your hands.  

We have all been alerted that the number one way to prevent your exposure to infections is to wash your hands. The WHO has a wonderful visual guide to wash your hands before touching your face or eating, especially while out in public. 

However, you’ll also want to make sure your wash your hands immediately after touching these germ-laden items: 

  • Money 
  • Animals 
  • Handrails, doorknobs, or handles 
  • Restaurant menus 
  • Anything at all within a doctor’s office
  • Touchscreen devices and phone soap! 
  • Kitchen sponges and cutting boards 
  • Public pens 
  • Soap pumps and faucets 

2. Fun, Friend, and Family Face Game  

Here’s a fun way to make viral exposure protection a day of your daily routine. Can’t remember if you’ve been touching your face in public before you washed your hands? For fun family game, try applying a small amount of charcoal, black ink or lipstick on the tip of your fingers. If you notice any smudges on your face, then it’s time to wash your hands. You’ll be surprised! 

3. Staying Protected on the go

We know it isn’t always convenient to wash your hands. When traveling in mass transit or in busy places, it can’t hurt to wear gloves or carry hand sanitizer to get you buy until you reach a faucet. It may help to carry a small 3 oz bottle of Dr. Brommers with you. 

4. Clean surfaces around you. 

Research shows that the corona virus can live in surfaces for nine days. That’s a lot of opportunity to come into contact with the virus, especially if it’s located in an area that you frequent often and why you need to make sure you are staying on top of viral exposure protection.  

Clean the surfaces of your home, office space, or anywhere that you spend a lot of time frequentlyTo clean surfaces, it can’t hurt to carry Lysol or Clorox on the go wipes.  

Two women exhibiting viral exposure protection by wearing masks and bumping elbows.5. Consider wearing a face mask or scarf. 

Taking control and boosting our own immune system can be top priority. Read our past blog, Top 10 Tips to Support your Immune Internally & Naturally, for more support now! 

What is out of our control is the immune health of those around us in public places; a cough, sneeze or close breathing in a supermarket line can catch us off guard.   

An N95 or N99 facemask or facemask with filters an option. If you’re not comfortable wearing a face mask in public, then try a scarf and spray it with an antibacterial spray, such as oregano oil. Check out this Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy for immune-boosting oils. 

We also recommend making sure all products that you buy right now are made in the US. Here are some US-made face masks to consider: remember something is better than nothing.  

6. Stay away.

When you’re sick, the best thing you can do is stay home to avoid transferring the virus to other people. This also helps prevent you from getting sicker.  

However, you may want to practice social distancing right now even if you’re not sick. This can help limit exposure to viruses. If you can, avoid places where large amounts of people gather, such as malls, public libraries, concerts and indoor events that draw large crowds.   

Finding healthy options to keep your appointments and routines is key. This is a time to start and/or keep your health regime not put it on hold.  

Eating at home, working with health practitioners who offer Tele-Health and working out or starting a workout regime at home is ideal and a great way to improve resilience.   

7. Keep your mouth clean.

You can take precautionary measures to avoid germs, but once you ingest them, it’s good to have a plan. Keep your mouth clean and kill oral germs by using a high-quality mouthwash.  

Gum health is extremely important to boosting the immune system. It helps keep other pathogens at bay and only strengthen our ability to fight for viral exposure protection. 

We recommend Dr. Arenander’s BrainGain Formulas Gum Recession Help Mouthwash It contains organic, non-GMO ingredients and nothing synthetic. 

And above allalways stay up to date on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and updates!  

We are doing our part for our clients by keeping office surfaces clean using this product here. This bleach product is EPA registered and kills 53 microorganisms within two minutes for C. Difficile spores and a one-minute kill time for general bacteria, bacteria, and fungi, including the Norovirus, MRSA, TB, and VRE. This includes the fastest time available based on a March 2018 analysis.

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