3 Top Strategies For Keeping The Belly Fat Off

Question: I’ve worked hard to get the belly fat off for swimsuit season, how do I keep it off when the summer is full of changing schedules, vacations, barbecues, picnics, beach or lake outings and backyard fun?

Answer: Changing schedules by day or by season can throw anyone off their health game. I often say to my athletes and clients at Solaris Whole Health: “optimum health is the ability to recover.” That is the name of the game when it comes to daily stressors, summer schedules/vacations and holidays! So this past year I’ve written a lot about optimum nutrition, supplementation and movement to get the belly fat off. Now lets talk about the 3 Top Strategies for Keeping the Belly Fat Off.

1. At Solaris we often discuss the 5-P’s of Success. Preparation, Practice, Persistence, Patience and Prayer/Gratitude. In my opinion they are all important however PREPARATION of healthy food at your fingertips: either in your house, in the dish you bring to the barbecue, in your car or beach bag or even ordering healthy takeout when short on time is a MUST this summer. Make this your ‘no excuses summer’!

2. With the joy of summer and the outdoors I urge you to MOVE everyday. Exercise Smarter not harder while feeling the breeze, smelling the air and flowers and know the joy and exhilaration of sweating! Make this your ‘summer of experiences of the senses’!

3. Let go of perfection. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! When you go off plan, get right back on track Monday or after vacation. The quicker you gain, the quicker you’ll lose, so start eating clean right after the cheat meal/day/weekend/vacation and get back on track happily. Make this your ‘summer of recovering quickly like a rock star’!

When you feel your inner guilt creeping in because of the last weekends’ festivities this summer – remember it’s progress not perfection and read this mantra:

Perfection is not a polished

thing, It is often

Something sincerely meant

A job complete

Praise given

Gratitude heard.

It can be kindness shown and

Thanks offered up.

Perfection is something we discover in each other,

What we see reflected back.

And if Perfection eludes us

That doesn’t matter,

For what we have

in the moment is enough.

(BBC, call the Midwife)

Wishing you a lean, healthy & happy summer!

From all of us @ Solaris Whole Health