Why Should You Detox?

Why Should You Detox?

Considering how stressful life feel
s these days, there seems to be endless options for programs such as juice fasts, food-based cleanses, and more. 

Unfortunately, most of these fad nutrition and wellness diets end up placing more stress on the body. This could set you up to feel worse even worse than before you started.  

A smart detoxification program sets you up for long-term success by supplying the raw materials your body needs to naturally detoxify with whole foods, lifestyle changes, self-care and supplementation. 

This article discusses the importance of a detox and why the SOLFUEL Clear Cleansing System®  with vitamin supplements is the most effective method.  

Why is a Detox Important? 

Even for the most health-conscious, we live in a world where we are regularly exposed to toxins and chemicals every day, from the foods we eat to the air we breathe.  

Detoxing is an opportunity to flush out and clear not only toxic materials, but toxic emotions, thoughts and patterns.  

It is also a chance to press pause and examine your choices, from toxins in foods to hygiene and home-care products, and everything in between. 

If you struggle with symptoms like fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog, insomnia, headaches or hormonal imbalances, it’s time for a reset.  

These symptoms and others are clear signs from the body that detox systems are clogged, and the body has become less efficient.  

A detoxification program and dietary nutritional supplements restore homeostasis and health, and lets you reclaim your vitality. 

Why AreOur Bodies Toxic? 

In today’s modern world, we are exposed to a slew of toxic chemicals daily. Even for those of us that live a “clean lifestyle,” toxins are sometimes an unavoidable part of living on Earth.  

We are exposed to toxins in our food supply, our drinking and bathing water, and the air we breathe. For this reason, it’s crucial to embrace the power and choices we have to avoid toxins.  

This includes buying organic, avoiding genetically modified foods, and drinking filtered water.Other daily habits that help you detox are getting enough sleep, exercising, and adopting a personalized nutrition plan 

People are also heavily burdened with mental, emotional and spiritual toxins and baggage that can weigh us down. It is equally as important to clear out and address these as harmful chemicals.  

How Does A Detox Work? 

To understand the science behind detoxification, as it’s helpful to understand how toxic build-up occurs, what symptoms can manifest, and how the body deals with this.  

Think of the liver as a series of conveyor belts: every phase must be working efficiently and effectively to keep toxins moving and expel them from the body. 

There are three important phases to liver detoxification. These include: 

  1. Phase I livedetox separates and converts 
  1. Phase II shuttles  
  1. Phase III transports toxins 

Phase I can be thought of as your body’s first line of defense. It uses a group of enzymes called the cytochrome P450 family. 

These enzymes help convert toxins into smaller particles that can be cleared out of the body. They also make toxins water-soluble in preparation for phase II. 

Phase I oxidizes toxins and creates free radicals, which is why an optimally functioning phase II is essential to keep these toxins moving out of the body.  

For this reason, it’s crucial to eat a diet high in antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids and (in some cases) certain nutritional supplements that activate phase I detox 

Phase II works by using six distinct pathways to move toxins out of the body through sweat, urine, stool, and bile. This phase depends on several key nutrients to function properly, including sulfur, certain amino acids and vitamin B12.  

When the body lacks these important nutrients and is deficient in flavonoids from fruits and vegetables, phase II detox becomes impaired. This makes you vulnerable to the toxins metabolized in phase I that are now waiting to be escorted out of the body.  

This can lead to brain fog, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and hormone imbalances. It might even contribute to diseases like Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue and cancer. 

Detoxing from Stress: Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Toxins 

Conventional western medicine and most nutritional supplements online fail to take into account the emotional, mental and spiritual toxic load that so many of us carry around. 

This load can negatively affect us and act as a precursor to disease, just like chemical and environmental toxins.  

A holistic detox needs to address the whole person, and this includes clearing toxic thoughts and toxic triggers, along with toxic materials from the body. 

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that our emotional state is directly linked to disease. Certain emotions are directly correlated with certain organs. The liver is associated with anger, irritability and resentment. 

Emotional stress can be equally as toxic as poor food choices, lack of sleep, dehydration or even “good” stressors like exercise.  

All of these factors put stress on the body, and too much or too little can create a toxic internal environment that over-activates the body’s natural stress response.  

Balance might sound simple, but the fast-paced world that we live in can make it quite challenging.  

At Solaris Whole Health, we strive to provide you with both support and education around how to work smarter, not harder. 

A comprehensive detox and dietary supplements should allow you to recognize and clear emotional, mental and spiritual sources of toxicity, whether that be a dysfunctional relationship, toxic work environment, lack of self-care or energetic healing. 


As we touched on in this article, a detox combined with vitamin and nutritional supplements serves as a powerful reset for the mind, body and spirit.  

Your body holds the innate power and wisdom to cleanse, and a whole foods-based detox program allows you to lay the groundwork.  

With the proper tools and professional support, you can give your body the gift of a fresh start.

The Solaris 28-Day CLEAR™ Cleanse program will support you toward your detox goals every step of the way. This life-changing, comprehensive program includes daily guidance from me, a meticulously sourced and formulated 14-day shake and supplement protocol, detailed menu plans, and recipes and shopping lists. You’ll end this period feeling refreshed, lighter and ready for the summer months ahead. SIGN UP TODAY!