What To Expect When You Detox 

What To Expect When You Detox 

detox is a great way to jump-start long-lasting improvements to your health. They work by flooding your body with healing nutrients that purge inflammatory toxins to help boost energy levels, promote weight loss, improve mental health, and more. 

However, many people experience adverse side effects as their body goes through the various phases of detoxification. They also tend to fall back into old habits when their detox plan is done.  

While these symptoms are usually temporary and do not mean that you are doing it wrong, they can be discouraging. Here’s what to expect when you detox and tips for overcoming obstacles!  

What is a Detox? 

detox usually involves a temporary dietary plan containing nutrients that support metabolic pathways in your body that remove toxins. You may only follow a detox diet for a week or two, but the right detox plan can have lasting effects.  

At Solaris Premiumthe complete 14-day detox program features drink mix packets and capsules with key nutrients that support phase I and II detoxification of the liver. During this process, the liver absorbs toxins, changes their chemical structure, and expels them from the body. 

At the end of your detox, your body will be able to carry out important processes more efficiently, including metabolism, digestion, and absorption. You should experience increased energy levels, a cognitive boost, better digestion, healthier looking skin, and improved digestion.  

What To Expect During A Detox 

Knowing what to expect during and after a detox can help you overcome obstacles. The detox process is different for everyone.  

Some people may feel great while their body eliminates harmful toxins. However, others may feel tired, irritable, and experience headaches as a result of this purge.  

Here are some possible side effects of a detox: 

1. Irritability

During a detox, you will be asked to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet as they contribute to inflammation in the body. 

You may experience irritability as a result of sugar withdrawal. This is because research shows that sugar has a similar effect on your body as some drugs. 

According to one study, sugar addiction is caused by neurochemical changes in the brain that also occur with addictive drugs.  

Along with feeling irritable, you may experience physical withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue and headaches.  

How to cope 

A good way to combat irritability is to focus on your sleep quality. Develop a routine that encourages healthy sleep habits at night, such as meditating for a few minutes or taking a brief walk after dinner.  

Avoid watching TV or scrolling through your phone as the blue light emitted from these devices can impact melatonin levels and make it hard to sleep. 

Research shows that sleep helps clean out your brain, which may help improve mood and cognitive function to help improve your mood. Getting more sleep can also help with fatigue and headaches.  

We recommend SolMind PM (coming summer 2020) to help support neurotransmitter production, which is crucial for interrupted sleep. It contains GABA to promote calmness, phosphatidylserine to help regulate cortisol levels, and 5-HTP to support melatonin production so you can rest at night.  

2. Lack of energy

Many people go on a detox diet because they feel tired all the time. It may become discouraging to feel even more tired as a result of your detox. However, these changes are usually temporary.  

There are several reasons why you may feel tired during a detox. First, you’ll be asked to stop consuming caffeine.  

For many people, this is an immediate source of fatigue, especially if you were reliant on caffeine to get you through the day before starting your detox! 

You may also feel tired because you are consuming fewer calories than normal.  

How to cope: 

To help support your energy levels, it’s important to only use a nutritionally-complete detox, such as the 14-day detox plan by Solaris Premium 

This helps prevent nutritional deficiencies that may cause lack of energy while you purge toxins.  

We also recommend SolAdapt to help balance adrenal gland hormones that are necessary for sleep, which can contribute to increased energy levels throughout the day. 

SolAdapt also helps ensure you’re creating sufficient amounts of hormones that are needed for other important metabolic functions, such as metabolism and stress maintenance. 

3. Digestive problems

If you’re not used to consuming large amounts of healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables, then your body may be in for a shock when you start a detox! 

The standard American diet tends to be nutrient poor, breaking down so easily that over time the body’s digestive juices get lazy. If your body is not used to breaking down fibrous nutrient rich foods, you may experience changes within your digestive system.  

These changes may include bloating, gassiness, or changes (both increases and decreases) in your bathroom trip frequency. This is in addition to the frequent bathroom trips caused by detox ingredients that are aimed at “cleaning out” your system by promoting regularity.  

Although these symptoms may be unpleasant to deal with, you can rest assured that your body is doing its job by removing unwanted substances from the body.  

How to cope: 

Practice chewing your food, 20-30x per bite with meat and vegetables so most of the digestion starts in your mouth easing the job on your sluggish digestive track  

Plan ahead accordingly by making sure you have access to a bathroom when you need it or give yourself the time to stop and take a break to release toxins.   

Or if you find yourself getting constipated you may wanto support daily healthy elimination using SolEssentials Magnesium BGC (coming summer 2020)These steps will help keep you comfortable so that you can continue with your detox for the intended duration. 

4. Hunger

Hunger may occur during your detox due to the reduced amount of calories that you will be consuming. You may also experience sugar cravings. 

How to cope: 

Staying hydrated is the best way to control hunger and food cravings.  

Remember that you will be constantly excreting toxins during your detox. This can lead to dehydration, which is commonly mistaken for hunger. 

Try drinking lots of water during your detox. This will also help with other symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, and more.

5. Inability To Focus 

You might notice that it’s harder than usual to concentrate during a detox. This can be a natural side effect of the detoxification process for some people. 

This is because both your body and your brain are working hard to eliminate toxin buildup. Your cognitive function and mood may suffer until your brain adjusts to its new state of homeostasis.  

You may also experience decreased focus due to lack of calories and nutrients.  

How to cope: 

A good way to combat decreased mental focus that sometimes accompanies a detox is to support neurotransmitter health. This can also help boost your mood and provide added nutrients that may be lacking during a detox. 

SolCalm Balance promotes cognitive function and mood by support neurotransmitter production. It contains GABA, amino acids, B vitamins and other micronutrients that help promote a calm, relaxed state of focus.  

6. Depression 

Some people experience depression or sadness during a detox. This is likely due to the shift in hormones and neurotransmitters in the body.  

These symptoms usually go away as your body starts to re-balance important chemical messengers, but this can make it hard to finish your detox 

How to cope: 

Combat sadness by reminding yourself why you’re performing a detox in the first place. It may help you to keep a journal of your thoughts and goals. 

You can also support your mood by ensuring that you’re getting enough B vitamins. Research shows that B vitamins may help improve mood and combat depression.  

The SOLFUEL CLEAR CLEANSING system provides an excellent source of B vitamins as well as antioxidants from organic superfoods to support brain health during your detox. 


detox diet can help reset and recharge your mind and body by eliminating damaging toxins from your system. 

However, some people may experience negative symptoms along the way. 

A nutritionally-complete detox program can help you combat common symptoms of a detox. For more information, check out our 5 Week New You Course and the 14-day cleansing system.