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It’s a symbol that is clean yet draws you into its depths. There is more to it than meets the eye, just as there is more to each of you than meets the eye.

When creating the logo, I envisioned three components: The “S” shape, the deep dark red circle and thirdly, how they both engage each other.

The “S” represents the yoga position called the “camel”. In this position your heart is open fully to the universe, representing an openness to change, an openness to loving oneself and an openness to all that is possible. Amusingly, the shape of the camel position likens itself to an “S” form for Solaris, my last name. The golden color of the “S” represents the color of the third chakra (or energy center of the body) which is located in the abdomen. It is in this chakra that emotions are held and released. Combining the shape and the color is meant to represent a release of the old, a receiving of a new way and a journey towards wholeness. If you look closely there is a fragmentation to the “S” shape. The fragmentation signifies that the journey is not perfect; we at Solaris strive for progress not perfection, resulting in long term success.

The deep, dark red circle represents the first chakra, or energy center, located at the base of your spine and trunk. This energy center symbolizes those things necessary for survival; like family/community, food, shelter, water, safety etc. Food is necessary and energetically is not linked to emotion. However bio-chemically and habitually food and emotions are linked together all the time. It is here at Solaris that you will learn to understand the connections and break the habits that have been holding you back; allowing you to become your “best self”. The gradation of the deep red color is symbolic of the internal depths and richness which a person must undergo to create change.

Finally, much thought was put into putting the “S” shape inside or outside of the circle. I chose to have it spread outside the circle, representing the personal growth that can be possible outside the confines of what is necessary in life.

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