Meet Bob: A SWH Success Story

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Meet Bob – automobile enthusiast, entrepreneur, and this month’s Solaris Whole Health Client Success Story.

This month Solaris Whole Health is bestowing its “Client Success Story” honor on Mr. Robert Spock for a job well done!  Bob, as we so affectionately call him, has been an SWH client since October of 2008 and has had one of the quickest and most impressive health turnarounds we’ve seen so far.

When Bob first came to us, he had extreme fatigue, restlessness and insomnia, severe chronic headaches, food cravings, high blood pressure, and felt out of shape.  As a busy entrepreneur and CEO of Quality Lab Accessories, LLC.,  Bob knew that he could not continue running a successful business under his current lifestyle and eating habits.

He was taking part in something we call “food porn”.  (Definition: Food porn is essentially, food that is “dirty”– in that it’s bad for your body, but tastes “oh so good’ to eat at the same time.)  Because of the graphic nature of “food porn”, we need to censor exactly what Bob ate as “meals”.  However, we will tell you this – he was subsisting on what many people do – fast food, take out, candy, and drinking soda to stay awake.  The pizza place down the street knew Bob’s name and order by heart.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Bob’s blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides were through the roof.  He was not able to function at the level he wanted and knew he could not continue living under these conditions.  It was then that Bob came to Solaris Whole Health – to fulfill the desire to live life to hisfullest potential.

Sleepless in New Jersey

“I remember when Bob first came in, he was very focused, determined, and wasn’t afraid to see the current state his body was in, which I found very interesting,” recalls Stephanie Solaris, owner and director of Solaris Whole Health.  “He was very resolved and embraced the plan whole- heartedly.  I was very impressed.”

The first health concern Stephanie attacked was Bob’s extreme fatigue, “As a busy professional, Bob could not afford to be tired.  So we worked on both his insomnia and day time energy levels.” Before the plan, Bob was having trouble getting up in the morning and when he was up, had trouble concentrating.  He was constantly tired and wired.  This was causing him stress.  Stress was making it hard for him to sleep, creating this endless cycle.  “By boosting his energy through nutrition and supplementation,” says Stephanie, “we were able to get him sleeping again.”

Living Large – In the Not So Good Way

The next step was tackling his weight loss.  Bob had metabolic syndrome as characterized by the American Heart Association.  Metabolic syndrome is usually identified when at least 3 of the following criteria are present: elevated waist circumference, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high fasting blood triglycerides and glucose.  Bob had all 5.  According to the American Heart Association, a potential risk of this syndrome is coronary heart disease.

“I addressed this by putting Bob on a macronutrient nutrition plan tailored to his body’s particular needs.  I also put him on a specific medical food that would decrease the risk factors and help him lose weight at the same time.  Bob was very diligent about the plan; and because he was, saw improvements in his health very quickly,” says Stephanie.

Stress Free is the Way to Be

After making the necessary changes in his nutrition and lifestyle, Bob saw vast improvements in not only his physical appearance, but energy and day vitality as well.  His cholesterol went down by 20%.  His triglycerides went down 147%.  His blood pressure dropped and he lost 27 pounds of pure fat and is headache free.  In fact, when Bob went on vacation – he stuck to his health plan 80% of the time, came back, and still lost weight!

“My doctor couldn’t believe I was the same person from 6 months ago,” Bob exclaims.

We picked Bob’s story for this month because it is truly inspiring.  His dedication to improving his health manifested in life enriching changes – in his business, relationships, and quality of life.  Bob has integrated new hobbies and healthy habits into his life, the most recent of which is his participation in a 5K run – certainly a long way from where he started!

“I believe that Solaris Whole Health has saved my life and enabled my life moving forward to be much more healthy, productive, and fulfilling,” says Bob.  We are proud to have Bob as part of the Solaris family and we wish him continuing success in life.