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Lower Your Grocery Costs – It’s Good For Your Health!

There’s no doubt about it, grocery prices have really skyrocketed in the last couple of years.  One of the best ways to curb your grocery bill is to cut out processed foods. The more that goes into creating a product, the more producers charge; and let’s not mention the added ingredients like salt and high fructose syrup that really don’t do us any nutrition favors.

Another way to frugally spend is to shop local farm stands and farmers markets. The food will be higher quality (produce loses nutritive value over time) and you will be supporting the local economy. A win-win.  Here in New Jersey we will only have a few more weeks to take advantage of our wonderful farmers markets.  The tomatoes and corn are still coming in and now we have many varieties of apples to choose from. We love knowing that we what we are eating was just picked that morning. Read here for several other ways to cut your weekly grocery bill.

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