Key to Weight Loss

Tidy Kitchen, Smart Shopping: Your Key to Weight Loss

Do you ever find yourself wandering into the kitchen, only to be greeted by a mess of pots, pans, and cluttered countertops? Or open a cabinet or pantry and not be able to find anything? As it turns out, a chaotic kitchen might be more than just an eyesore – it could be affecting your eating habits, waistline, and your health. 


It’s not really a surprise, is it? 


Messy homes and messy lives make most of us feel inadequate and out of control – and sweet, sugary or salty crunchy treats make us feel better, even if only for a moment. When the stress of everyday life hits us – well, the biscuit tin is handily within arm’s reach.


A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that messy kitchens, especially when coupled with feelings of being out of control, may lead to consuming more sweets. The research suggests that the state of our kitchen can influence our food choices, pushing us towards unhealthy options like sugary snacks when we’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter.


In their study, participants were placed in either a cluttered or tidy kitchen environment and asked to wait for someone to arrive. While waiting, they were presented with the opportunity to snack on either cookies or carrots. The researchers found that those in the cluttered kitchen condition were more likely to choose the cookies over the healthier option of carrots. This indicates that cluttered environments can promote unhealthy eating behaviors, particularly when individuals feel out of control.

This is a cool stat – Those in the orderly room were also three times more likely to choose the apple over the chocolate.

The Link

The link between clutter and unhealthy eating habits is not as far-fetched as it may seem. When our environment is cluttered and disorganized, it can create a sense of chaos and stress, which can, in turn, lead to emotional eating as a way to cope with those feelings of overwhelm.


But fear not, because there’s a solution: decluttering your kitchen and shopping smarter! 


By taking the time to tidy up your cooking space, you can create a more peaceful and inviting environment that promotes healthier food choices. When your kitchen is clean and organized, you’re more likely to feel in control and empowered to make nourishing choices for your body.


So, how exactly can you go about decluttering your kitchen and creating a space that supports your weight loss goals? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Clear out the Clutter

Begin by removing any unnecessary items from your kitchen countertops and expired foods in your cabinets, pantry and the refrigerator. Donate or discard items that you no longer use or need, and find designated homes for the items you decide to keep.

Organize Your Pantry

Take inventory of your pantry staples and organize it in a way that makes healthy choices more accessible; at eye level. While relocating less healthy options to less prominent positions in closed baskets up top.


Trade out for these tasty healthy choices-

Try adding tasty snacks like Bobs Red Mill Oatmeal, Biena dried chick pea snacks, Chomps Low Sugar Turkey jerky, or Edward and Son’s selection of Brown Rice Crackers . You can also opt for gluten free, low sugar granola like Purely Elizabeth’s or Siete Chips.


Try foods for meals like- Eden Beans; kidney beans, navy beans, aduki beans and brown rice, quinoa. 


Use Simply Organic Mixes to make tacos, chili, yogurt bases, onion dip, or dairy free cheddar sauce. 


For baking add almond flour, and my favorite sugar replacement right now is King Authors Baking Sugar Alternative


You can also add Birch Benders Gluten free, low sugar Pancakes with Natures Hollow  no sugar syrup. 


And remember to keep these all at eye level.


And in that basket up top, trade out any chocolate with Lilly’s chocolate  or Pyure Hazelnut spread for a low sugar alternative. Have fun! 

Meal Prep with Purpose

Pick 3-5 recipes you will make for the week. My favorite recipe-app right now is Plan To Eat. In this app you simply pick the recipe, add it to your planner and the ingredients pop up in your shopping list. You can set up separate shopping lists with your staple products as well.

In addition, you’ll want to plan your snacks. Make a rotating list of different, healthy snacks to pick from. Then add the few you want to pick for the week to purchase. 


By devoting just 15 minutes weekly to crafting nutritious meal plans and preparing wholesome snacks in advance, it can foster a sense of contentment, fulfillment, and abundance; while also curbing impulsive tendencies. 


By having nutritious options readily available, you’ll be less tempted to reach for unhealthy convenience foods or take-out most nights.

Streamline Your Shopping Habits

With your meal plan in place, grocery shopping becomes much easier and less impulsive. You’re thinking of the meals you will be eating, how they taste, and how they make you feel versus being randomly tempted by the items they are pushing on the end caps. 


We’ve all heard this advice..and it stands to be repeated; ‘go to the grocery store full!’ If you forget to eat first, or are running to the store after a day of errands, do this first- purchase a bottle of water and either an apple, carrots, or protein bar. 


Yes, I said it, eat while you shop; just eat with intention! It will calm you down, slow you down, and get you out of the ‘fight or flight’ mode that you were in. It will set you up for making healthier choices and help you avoid those impulsive purchases of unhealthy foods. 


We’ve all also heard the saying, ‘shop the perimeter of the grocery store’, where fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grains are typically located. If you shop your healthy meal plan and list, this will come naturally, and you won’t walk down those other aisles. 

Take A Breath

Well, we’ve definitely gone over alot in this article. One more thing I want you to take from this article is to always ‘take a breath’. 


The next time you show up at the grocery store hungry and with no meals planned for the week, sit in the car and take a breath. It’s okay. 


Stay in the car for 5-10 minutes, decide 3-5 meals on your phone that you know and their ingredients, and make sure you buy water and a snack before you go back in and shop. You’ll be glad you did. 

Solaris Whole Health

At Solaris Whole Health, we understand the importance of creating holistic wellness solutions that address not only physical health but also emotional well-being. That’s why we encourage our clients to take a comprehensive approach to their health journey, including decluttering their surroundings to support their goals and to shop smarter.


By decluttering your kitchen and creating a space that fosters clarity, calm and order, you can take control of your eating habits; creating a strong foundation towards achieving your optimal health and weight loss goals. Remember, a clear space leads to a clear mind – and a healthier body. 


Stephanie Solaris, founder and CEO of Solaris Whole Health uses science based lifestyle programs, nutrition plans, and supplements that are designed specifically for you. Over the span of 15 years, her guidance has reached and impacted over 5000 clients globally including 90 pro and semi athletes. She not only helps you with sustainable solutions, she also guides you on the journey to not only achieve your health and weightloss goals, but also helps you adjust your lifestyle to reach whole body wellness.


Click here to schedule your FREE 15 minute optimum consultation with the woman that is a leader in the functional wellness world, and is the person that came up with ‘The Compassionate Compass Method’ and ‘Better, Bad Choices’. 


And remember, the next time you find yourself reaching for a sugary snack take a moment to pause and make a healthier choice for yourself. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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