5 New Year, New You Nutrition Tips For Detox

Question: What is a detox or cleanse and what are the benefits?

Answer: I get this question all the time, especially after the holiday season! We have many different types of detox programs unique to you and your health concerns at Solaris Whole Health where you are actually feeding your body more! More nutrients, minerals, and nutrient-dense foods. This is necessary for your body to heal and rid itself of toxins especially after the holiday season. 

Detoxing has many healthy benefits. In simple terms, a detox is like a “tune up” for the body. Caffeine, alcohol, not enough water, and processed foods, put stress on the body and keep it from performing at its best. By removing these unwanted toxins, the body is able to run more efficiently. The results are improved energy and immunity. Additional, reported benefits include weight loss, reduced stress, better sleep, reduced joint pain, clearer sinuses, improved digestion, and an overall improvement in level of happiness.

It is important to note what a detox is not. It is not fasting. Fasting is essentially depriving your body of nutrients. It forces toxins out, which is harder on the body. SpringThis constant deprivation of either skip-ping meals of nutrient rich food OR from eating nutrient poor food will eventually cause your metabolism to slow down, increase body fat and decrease lean muscle mass. Here are 5 New Year, New You Nutrition Tips to quickly and easily ‘detox’ your daily nutrition and daily lifestyle at home and get a jumpstart on your new year’s health.

1. You Choose – pick 3-5 foods or drinks that do not serve you or your health (you know what they are) and make a pact that you will not eat or drink them for the next 21 days.

2. Your Weekly Game Plan – Now, plan out what you’ll need for the week to come. Make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, gluten-free starches, and winter vitamins like a phyto-multi, safe/quality fish oil, probiotic and vitamin D.

3. Your Daily Game Plan – Give yourself 20 minutes in the morning and evening to plan your meals and prep your snacks in snack bags. By doing this you won’t wonder what you’ll be eating and have it at your fingertips! Remember healthy, nutrient rich meals and snacks are important to increase your metabolic fire!

4. Your On-The-Go Game Plan – In your car and at work, have healthy snacks on hand and lots of purified water to keep you energized AND full throughout the day. A variety of wholesome nutrients is essential for good health and vitality. Don’t hesitate to stop at a Panera or Starbucks for a steel cut oatmeal (without the sides), Dean’s for a green smoothie (without fruit), Target for an apple or greek yogurt OR a Hess On-the-go shop for a “go picnic’ to-go box. It’s out there you just need to look!

5. Your Expectations – Changing your eating habits the first couple days for most people can be difficult. You may experience normal withdrawal symptoms such as: Headaches, Irritability and/or Fatigue. Although uncomfortable, this is your body’s natural way of telling you that it’s changing. Remember in your preparation you are planning for success. So hang in there, your body will thank you in the end!

Creating new habits takes time and practice and sometime life gets in the way. Do not despair or quit. I remember when my nephew was learning to ride a two-wheeler bike he said to his Dad (my brother), “Dad, I’m afraid, I might fall.” My brother replied, “You’re supposed to fall, that’s how you’ll learn.”

So when you fall, it’s okay, learn from it and the next day remember this saying from Norman Vincent Peale: “Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only there sult, but the cause, of fear. Any action is better than no action at all.” So go for it and don’t give up!