Understanding motivation

Best Motivation Tips To Prevent You From Falling Off The Wagon

Want to know why your motivation fluctuates? Sharing 3 motivation tips to remember when you need some help.

Have you ever noticed how you feel more motivated to tackle your goals some days than others?

You might feel like superwoman one day – managing all of your daily duties and then some – while struggling to perform even basic tasks and succumbing to cravings on others.

Does this sound like you? If so, there is a perfectly acceptable reason for this lack of motivation, and it has nothing to do with your character!

In this guide, we’ll explain why your motivation levels fluctuate and how to keep yourself on track using positivity to prevent restarting or falling off the wagon so that you can reach your goals uninterrupted.

Loss of motivation

Understanding Motivation

Why Does It Fluctuate?

There is nothing worse than falling off the wagon or starting over after giving into your cravings or temporarily losing sight of your health goals. If you find yourself constantly in this position, don’t worry – it does NOT mean you are lazy, and it will not last forever.

In fact, research shows that motivation is an emotion – and similar to happiness, sadness, silliness, and other emotions that you feel on a day to day basis – motivation levels may come and go, causing you to pursue your goals with a stronger desire on one day and then give into cravings or temptations the next.

When we start adopting the notion that motivation is an emotion and not a character flaw, it becomes easier to accept that we will have good days and bad, and that picking yourself up where you left off is to be expected.

Think about it – even if you are generally a happy person, you probably don’t feel happy all day every day, right? In the same sense, it’s impractical to think that you can stay motivated all day every day.

It’s no wonder why we feel so gung ho about our goals one minute and then throw them away the next!

Motivation as a Habit: Controlling Negativity Boosts Productivity

The concept of motivation and emotions are ever changing, and these processes are strongly driven by the part of our brain that is responsible for controlling reward-driven behavior.

So, while our long-term goals may stay the same, we may become motivated or driven by distractions in our daily life that cause us to temporarily relapse or seek instant rewards, such as when we give into food cravings or temptations.

It’s important to note that just like any other emotion; motivation takes practice and requires effort to turn it into a habit. We can control our motivation and reward-drive better by improving the way we talk to ourselves.

For example, if you fall off the wagon or find that you have become derailed from your goals, your first thought might be, “See, I knew this would happen. I always lose motivation.”

Negative thoughts impact your motivation just like they impact your happiness and feelings of self worth.

When we practice speaking kindly to ourselves and remaining positive – even when we need to restart the process of achieving our goals – we become more motivated to stay on track.

Tips For Boosting Motivation

Remember – you cannot stay motivated if you don’t stay positive! However, no one likes breaking promises to themselves. It undermines our self esteem and makes it hard to move on.

So, how do we stay positive and restart our journey after a setback? First, it’s a good idea to note that starting over doesn’t mean you won’t reach your goals. Use these tips to stay on track.

1. Revisit your primer

Your primer is your ‘why.’ It’s the reason why you set your goals to begin with.

When setbacks happen (and they will – it’s all part of the journey), revisit your primer and think about why you began this journey in the first place.

Focus on your intentions and learn from what just happened to derail you. Remember – the only way out is through.

2. Consult the Stephanie Solaris podcast “Why We Lose Motivation and What To Do When That Happens”

No matter what your goals are – whether they are health driven or not – lack of motivation happens. We think you will love this podcast as so many people can relate!

You can listen to the podcast here.

3. Start and update your journal

The minute you don’t want to write something down is the minute you want to revisit why you are doing this in your primer. Remember to practice positivity when you are writing. This is the key to sustaining motivation!