Angie’s Story

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.21.11 PMSleepwalking and constant fatigue had been serious problems for me for a few years.  I was also dealing with daily headaches and sugar cravings!  I was prescribed Valium after participating in a sleep study at a New York City Hospital.

I wanted to try some other options first, so I decided to go see Stephanie.  Within three days of starting the recommended vitamins and structured nutrition plan, I had more energy during the day and I slept better at night.  No more sleepwalking.

Working more in-depth with Stephanie, I learned how stress and my genetic predisposition to blood sugar instability were affecting my daily life and sleep patterns. In addition to my nutrition plan, Stephanie suggested I lighten up my running regimen.

Considering what a great stress-reliever running was for me, even temporarily pulling back seemed counter intuitive.  However, after Stephanie explained that stopping running would actually cut down on my fatigue, I decided to try it. Now, after using the proper nutrition and supplementation, I’m able to sleep again and I can run with more energy than before!

Solaris Whole Health has not only benefited my life, it has given me life.