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The Solaris Premium Collection of Supplements

We are so excited to introduce Solaris Whole Health’s premium supplement line!

Over the years, I have hand-picked the best of the best in supplementation, fish oils, and nutrition shakes, all from cutting edge, research-based companies. These products have liberated our clients time and time again, improving their energy, vitality, sleep quality, focus, body composition, and so much more! Our programs truly allow our clients to live the life they desire!

Now, SWH is taking it to the next level by developing our very own collection of top of the line supplements. I’ve developed this collection with specific formulations that are based on clinical data and observations of over 1,000 Solaris clients. These clients have been tracked through their personalized journeys using recurring lab testing to measure the effectiveness of these specific formulations.

Working with the industry’s leading research-based companies for close to two years, I have tinkered with and scrutinized various options in order to manufacture our new product line, selecting only my favorite formulations; each one consistent with established industry and med-ical research. Couple that with superior absorption and purity of each ingredient, and I have finally put together a product line I can be proud of… and you will too!

The line is so new, we can’t even tell you the name of it! The best part is, all I want to talk about are the bio-chemical reactions and pathways;the in depth science of each supplement and how exactly it functions in your body, but that much information wouldn’t fit on the page.

I can tell you that this collection acts as an initial introduction. The line won’t cover everything. But I know that what we do, we do well.

Good things come in small packages. We are starting with an introductory collection designed to decrease your cravings, decrease total body inflammation, and support your entire immune system. I also put together a weight loss-oriented detox kit unparalleled in the industry to date. I am not beholden to any industry titan. I take the best from one product and marry it to the best from another product.

The entire collection will be GMO-free, pulling from the freshest, and most directly sourced raw ingredients possible. In addition:

• the detox protein shake is gluten and dairy-free

•the fish oils are manufactured from the freshest sources, with a catch to capsule time that is the best in the industry, to date

•each and every product meets the FDA’s Dietary Supplement GoodManufacturing Practices (GMPs), and…

•we are using a brand new, state-of-the-art facility right here in theUnited States

I am committed to delivering only the highest quality and most effective supplements. We’re growing quickly and we’re mirroring the success of our phenomenal clients. We’re so proud to call Bernardsville our home,and I’m so happy to be creating this product line and introducing it right here in this area: truly homegrown whole health!

Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the product! We’re easy to find: on Facebook, Twitter, give us a call, or just stop in to say hello!

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