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Solaris Whole Health is Where Science and Lifestyle Meet “With our unique blend of proven, scientific diagnostics and nutritional coaching, our team has supported hundreds of people to improve their diets and heal chronic conditions and illnesses. We’ve helped clients lose weight, heal digestive and reproductive disorders, overcome sleep disorders, and gain more energy and vitality in their daily lives.”

It’s All About the Core!

Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Stability – These are key words that anyone over the age of 35 should be worried about.  Why? Because these capabilities all start declining as we age and THAT can cause serious problems later in life.  Strengthening one’s core, however, can help in this area. One of my friends started mat Pilates classes in August and in less than 2 months she noticed a significant difference (By the way, there are men in her class too).  Pilates Reformer classes are excellent as well. Although the Reformers might look a little intimidating, after one or 2 two sessions you will quickly get the hang of it.  As a side note, a critical aspect to this kind of exercise is that it is low impact and kind to your joints. So if you haven’t tried it before, read here for more convincing information on core strength and a few tips on what you can easily do in your own home to get you started.

Are You Tired and Hungry All the Time … AND Gaining Weight Like Crazy?
Could you be starving to death eating too much, while over exhausted. What might really be going on … Plus 7 Foods that Help You Gain Energy!

Perio-Cardio Diseases: Top Causes and Prevention
How the root-causes and linked physical health problems can be prevented to avoid and maintain good dental health.

The 6 Most Dangerous Home-Based Causes of Disease and Illness
When your home could become your potential health nemeses vs. health haven?

LADIES!!! Good information on how to battle PMS!

Each month, on schedule, I used to get cravings for chocolate and potato chips, not eaten together of course. The rest of the month I could happily do without. I finally figured out those cravings had more to do with my hormones than anything else. Most of us are also way more familiar than we care to be with unwanted weight gain and bloating.  “PMS: The Latest Insights on its Causes and How to Reduce Symptoms” offers some new information that may make your life a little easier in this department.  Other great reads for health and well being this week include:

Why is Your Body Toxic?
How You Can Easily Remove and Stop Absorbing Toxins!
How a Faulty Circadian Rhythm Negatively Impacts Your Health (and What to Do to Make It Right)
Your body has a natural internal clock… disrupting its patterns may be causing you to pack on pounds and put your immune system at risk

10 Top Tactics to Keep a Marriage Strong or Help Make It Strong Again
If you are married, or hope to someday be, here are ten tips that you will find priceless to help make your marriage the best it can be.



Lower Your Grocery Costs – It’s Good for your Health!


There’s no doubt about it, grocery prices have really skyrocketed in the last couple of years.  One of the best ways to curb your grocery bill is to cut out processed foods. The more that goes into creating a product, the more producers charge; and let’s not mention the added ingredients like salt and high fructose syrup that really don’t do us any nutrition favors.

Another way to frugally spend is to shop local farm stands and farmers markets. The food will be higher quality (produce loses nutritive value over time) and you will be supporting the local economy. A win-win.  Here in New Jersey we will only have a few more weeks to take advantage of our wonderful farmers markets.  The tomatoes and corn are still coming in and now we have many varieties of apples to choose from. We love knowing that we what we are eating was just picked that morning. Read here for several other ways to cut your weekly grocery bill.

The False Truth About Fluoride
Why You Need to Know the Facts About Fluoride in Your Water Supply

Five Diet Foods That are (Far) Worse Than What They’re Replacing
If you think you are doing your body good by replacing “bad” foods with these foods, think again

Cold Sore Cure? Why Calcium and Vitamin F are Essential for Natural Prevention and Treatment
Studies suggest that natural calcium and vitamin supplements can reduce and prevent the outbreaks from happening, but in order to understand how they work and why they work, you may need a better understanding of the cause of the herpes virus.