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Solaris Whole Health is Where Science and Lifestyle Meet “With our unique blend of proven, scientific diagnostics and nutritional coaching, our team has supported hundreds of people to improve their diets and heal chronic conditions and illnesses. We’ve helped clients lose weight, heal digestive and reproductive disorders, overcome sleep disorders, and gain more energy and vitality in their daily lives.”

Summer Reading!

We know that steamy romance novels and who-done-it spy novels are must reads in the summer, but we still want you to be up-to-date on important health, wellness and nutrition news. (We take this as our personal mission.) Sooooo, while it might occasionally seem that these articles are a “bit” dry, they really do offer fantastic information that can positively impact your life and the lives of those you love. And that is what we at Solaris Whole Health are all about.  Read on!!!

Are You Toxic Rich, Health Poor?

Hold the Copper: Accelerated Mental Decline and Other Risks of a Diet Too High in Copper

Have You Ever Gotten Dizzy and Felt Off Balance? You Could Have Vertigo BPPV

What is Your Biggest Insecurity?

Get the Skinny on Cholesterol this week!

Get the Skinny on Cholesterol this week!  Why it isn’t all bad for you, which foods can benefit your cholesterol levels, why your body creates cholesterol and more! Over the years we have read and heard so much about cholesterol and many of our loved ones are taking cholesterol lowering medications. The following articles  dispel some widely accepted concepts and offer good, easy to follow advice.

For further summer reading enjoy our other articles on health, nutrition, safety and yes – Bananas! After reading that one you will be running to the store to stock up.  We love bananas in our smoothies each morning!

Shocking Truth: Not All Cholesterol is Bad!

High Cholesterol? 12 Top Non-Drug Strategies to Increase Your HDL Levels

10 Top Foods to Help You Fight High Cholesterol

How a Healthy Diet Can Reduce Violence and Rudeness, and Increase Your I.Q. and Your Children’s I.Q.

200,000 Yearly Injuries! Rip Currents & Other Hidden Hazards that Everyone Who Swims and Plays in Oceans or Lakes Needs to Know

16 Interesting Facts About America’s Most Popular Fruit, Bananas

Something a Bit Different to Think About

And maybe share with others….

Typically our weekly articles focus on issues near and dear to us: nutrition, weight loss, exercise, stress relief, disease prevention, and sleep disorders (to name a few). This week, however,  we have a surprise article focusing on how the month (or season) of conception can influence how well your child ultimately does on average test scores for math and language.  We don’t want to give the ‘secret’ away,  but if you or someone you know is thinking of starting (or expanding) their family you might want to pass this one along.

Other seasonal topics to consider!

Health Clues: Heart Concerns to Look For

Skin Cancer, Already the #1 Most Diagnosed Cancer, Continues to Escalate in All Ages: How to Recognize & Prevent It

Does Early Exposure to Food Allergens Increase Tolerance to Them?