Stephanie Solaris

Stephanie’s Story
“Don’t get discouraged; it is often the last key
in the bunch that opens the lock.
~ Anonymous”

Changing your life, your health and your weight is not easy. I know because I did it myself.

Seventeen years ago, I weighed 246 lbs and suffered from chronic ulcers, insomnia, dental work, IBS and fatigue – the effects of a stressful personal and professional life took a serious toll on my health. When it came to weight loss, I tried every program available, but nothing worked for me! When it came to treating the physical and mental exhaustion I was experiencing, one doctor’s recommendation was to rely solely on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. So I stopped listening to other people and I started listening to myself.

I was determined to heal naturally, from a foundational level. I educated myself, found an amazing array of health practitioners to support my healing and truly became the master of my own health. I have lost over 100 pounds and have stayed at a very healthy weight ever since. I feel clearer and have more energy than I did in my 20’s! I went back to school, trained with top professionals in my field and eventually developed our own unique system for Solaris Whole Health.

I now have the privilege of educating and helping others on their healing journeys. As devoted as I was to transforming my own life, I am now committed to helping others unlock their own personal puzzle and strive towards optimal health.

I believe that everyone deserves to be free to live the life they desire.

Stephanie Solaris is the Founder & Director of Solaris Whole Health (SWH), established in 2007; the Founder and Developer of the Solaris Premium Collection (SPC), established in 2015 and a highly sought after Health & Wellness Speaker. Stephanie brings 14 years of scientific background, along with over a decade of holistic experiences and training into her practice as a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor. Her nutrition and lifestyle studio team has helped over a thousand people optimize their health.

  • Speaking Appearances
    and Engagements


    2016 Featured as a Woman to Watch
    HudsonMod Magazine Woman of Power Issue

    2015 TV Segment Interview
    “Leading Change” Television show
    Princeton Community Television

    2015 New Jersey Women
    Entrepreneur Finalist

    2014 Acquired In-house
    State of the Art Equipment

    Featured in Mayo and Cleveland Clinics
    as well as 25 of the top NFL sport teams

    2010-2013 NFL Combine Nutrition Coach
    TEST Sports Clubs

    2009 New Jersey Governor’s
    Women’s Conference Speaker

    2008 National Radio Show Guest
    “Discover Nutrition”

    2011-2012 Local Radio Show Guest
    “Career On Ramp” Radio Show

    2007 Present Corporate Key Note Speaker
    Tri-State Area (40 to 200 attendees)
    – AT&T Featured Speaker –
    – Merck Featured Speaker & Development of Health Series Events –
    – NJ State Municipality Programs –

  • Functional Medicine
    Continuing Education
    and Membership


    Clinical Breakthroughs in
    Toxicity-Disease Connection

    Anti Aging Medicine

    GI Health Restoration

    Optimizing Athletic Performance

    Bridging Lifestyle Medicine &
    Systems Biology in Clinical Practice

    Anti-Aging Medicine
    New Science Based Protocols
    & Patient Assessment Strategies

    The Menopause Power Series

    The Emerging Therapeutic Target:

    Advanced Clinical Therapies
    for Women’s Health
    Successful Aging, Lifestyle Medical Protocols
    for Vital Brain, Heart & Metabolism

    The Institute of Functional Medicine

  • Degrees, Certifications,& Accreditations


    Certified Health & Nutrition Practitioner
    Institute of Integrative Nutrition in
    conjunction with Columbia University
    Teachers College

    American Association of
    Drugless Practitioners

    Holistic Integrative Practitioner

    First Line Therapy Certified
    Trained to coordinate with doctors
    to optimize a client’s health

    NEI Certified
    Specializing in hormone, adrenal, thyroid
    & neurotransmitter optimization

    B.S. in Chemical Engineering
    Northeastern University

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