Meet our team
Meet each member of the Solaris team
and learn something fun and unique about us.

Stephanie Solaris

Founder & Director






My Role:
I piece together our client’s personal health puzzle,
so they can maximize their health potential
and be the best version of themselves.
I also find great joy in motivating, leading,
and inspiring the Solaris team.

Hidden Talent:
I’m a great whistler.
Will do a whole song, complete with background noises!

Harrison Clark

Office & Clinical Information Manager




My Role:
I welcome and guide clients through our program process. At any given moment, you’ll see me rushing from one end of the office to the other – answering calls, scheduling appointments, taking body compositions.

Hidden Talent:
I can juggle in the air and
off the ground. Also, if you don’t stop me I can talk for hours on end.

Stephanie Cardenas

Supply Coordinator




My Role:
I make sure our clients get their products
and anything they might need, on time so they can stay on plan.

Hidden Talent:
I can play the trombone.
I also love creative writing.


Brendan McKee

Clinical Information Assistant




My Role:
I keep our client’s clinical information organized. It’s amazing to see clients improving over time.

Hidden Talent:
I’m very good at math and I can whistle.


Cody Price

Social Media Manager




My Role:
I find opportunities to connect with our clients online and share useful information with them in order to foster meaningful relationships.

Hidden Talent:
I’m a poet, and I know it. To my delight, I also recite.


Diana Liaw

Marketing Manager




My Role:
I help spread the word about Solaris Whole Health and all the great work we do, so that we can help even more people achieve optimum health.

Hidden Talent:
Hunting down the best deals and saving money on expensive clothing and accessories. Promotion codes, cash back opportunities, credit card points, sales events – if you exist, I.WILL.FIND.YOU.

Steven Sprechman

Digital Director




I ensure Solaris’ online presence is nothing less than epic.

Hidden Talent:
I can beat Forrest Gump in ping pong, if he existed.



Premium Collection

High Quality Supplements
inspired by the Chakra System


The Studio
Welcome to the studio.

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