Where science and lifestyle meet
Integrative health and nutrition at Solaris Whole Health is educating clients with respect to their unique nutritional needs and best lifestyle practices to help prevent disease and address potential underlying causes of chronic conditions. It is science-based and acts in conjunction with functional medicine practices.

Identifying core stressors

We address the system
not the symptom

The cornerstone of integrative health and nutrition at Solaris Whole Health is identifying potential core stressors and imbalances that may compromise a person’s ability to have a balanced diet and lifestyle. Identifying potential core system imbalances like thyroid and adrenal fatigue, gut disbiosis, joint stress, a poor immune system and hormonal imbalances provides information to help you improve your food and lifestyle choices. This is the foundation of our philosophy where we focus on the interplay of your internal and external landscape–your mind, body and spirit.

Working smarter not harder

We guide your transformation

At Solaris Whole Health, we pride ourselves on being key members of your wellness team and closely coordinating with your medical and other healing professionals. We are committed to inspiring, motivating and educating all our clients to make the healing process realistic, enjoyable and transformational. Your optimum whole health potential is our highest priority.

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