Summer holiday traps and tips: optimum health involves planning, preparing, enjoying, and the ability to recover!

Summer Holiday Traps and Tips!

During the holiday summer barbecues, parties, and outings, it’s so easy to forget your health goals in the moment. Remember, if you ‘stay the same’ over the holiday and keep your symptoms at bay, it is a WIN!

To prepare yourself for success, our hours over the holiday are:

  • June 26th to July 2nd: Amanda and Veronica are available for calls, phone orders, and shipments. The studio is closed for product pick up.
  • July 3rd to July 7th: Orders can be placed online only for shipment.
  • July 8th: Solaris Whole Health Team and Studio open!
Optimum health is the ability to recover!

Enjoy yourself AND stay on track by:

  1. Having your updated Nutrition Protocol (NP) on hand!
  2. Call now to be sure that you don’t run out of your health products. We do have 2 great options over the holiday dates above.
    • Order By Phone: Please leave a detailed message. Your order will be placed and you will receive a confirmation call back. 908-221-1112
    • Order Online: Orders will be shipped directly to you!