Nutrition Plan


We educate you to help you determine
the path to your best self, to your optimum health.
Helping you create the life you desire.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

At Solaris Whole Health, we combine the latest analytic technology
with an integrative nutritional approach to help you achieve
your optimum health potential.


Step 1: Discovery

Uncovering Your
Personal Puzzle

We recognize that everyone has a different biochemistry, body type, medical history, and lifestyle, and that no one program will be a fit for our diverse clientele. Our goal is to work through the “personal puzzle” of each individual’s health, uncover the potential root cause, and help you restore your body to balance as quickly as possible.

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Our team has supported thousands of people to heal a multitude of chronic illnesses. Here’s a sampling…

Fatigue | Insomnia | Digestive Discomfort | Reproductive Disorders | Weight Loss | Headaches | Food Cravings | Joint Pain | Allergies | Poor Concentration or Focus | Hormonal Imbalances | Mood Swings | Anxiety & Depression | IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) | Food Sensitivities

Step 2: Elite Testing + Analysis

Connecting the
Pieces Together

Collecting the right data is a critical aspect of our program. We analyze extensive data from test results to address your core health concerns, develop a strategy to address potential imbalances in your system and craft a personalized nutrition plan.

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Tests available to Solaris Whole Health clients:

Neurotransmitter and Adrenal Stress Profiles
These profiles help us determine how to address stress-related conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, inability to lose weight, adrenal dysfunction, poor concentration, insomnia and other imbalances.
      Food Sensitivity Profile
This profile tests sensitivity to over a hundred foods, fish, seafood and spices. The results help pinpoint causes of inflammation, which effects gastrointestinal health.
Sleep Profiles
This profile is ideal for those who have difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep or achieving deep sleep.
    Gluten Sensitivity/Celiac Screening Profiles
Gluten sensitivity may result in a compromised digestive track. This profile helps determine if antibodies related to gluten sensitivity are present in the body, and also includes a celiac screen.
Male & Female Hormone Profiles
These profiles are for clients who are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalances, which may include, insomnia, mood swings, infertility, depression, headaches, unexplained weight gain and low libido.
      Candida Antibody Profile
This profile helps determine if a person is experiencing a chronic or acute immune response to Candida. Candida contributes to a multitude of symptoms including fatigue, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, headaches, bloating, mood swings and PMS.

Step 3: Creating the Life You Desire

Your Personalized
Nutrition Plan

Together, we’ll develop a transformation strategy that will help to place you on a clear path to optimum health and vitality. We believe that body, mind, and spirit must all be nurtured for true healing to occur. Our team takes every facet of your life into account as we design a Personalized Nutrition Plan and Individualized Supplementation Protocol that will support you to achieve your health goals.

Get started with a complimentary
15 min. consultation.
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We are committed to supporting our clients at every level.
During the course of our programs, we work together in five main areas:


Personalized Nutrition Lifestyle Spirit & Mind Fitness Onging Technical Assessment
Learn how to create a balanced diet, reduce food cravings, develop healthy eating habits. Personalized food plans, cleanses, and supplementation propel you toward your health goals.
We help you understand and overcome crutches that have brought you down in the past, and make simple, but lasting lifestyle changes. After identifying key external and internal stressors in your life, we teach you skills that will help you remain calm and focused in the face of daily challenges. We support you to reach your fitness goals, recognizing that changes in nutrition and lifestyle work hand-in-hand with a regular plan of exercise. We continually conduct key tests to ensure we have the data needed as your health improves and your goals change.

Ready to Get Started?

At Solaris Whole Health, we are committed to supporting you
from the minute you contact us, throughout your program, and beyond.
Here are the steps to becoming a client, and getting the most out of your work with us:

  • Complimentary 15 minute Optimum Health Consultation

    We’ll discuss your major health goals, concerns, and how we might address them.

  • New Client Initial Consultation

    In our session together, we’ll review your thorough health history, conduct a 60-point nutritional exam using the InBody 770. Based on the results and analysis, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of findings, your personalized nutrition plan and detailed health roadmap.

  • Follow-up Sessions

    Your first 14-21 days are the toughest. Weekly follow-up sessions either in-person or via video/phone conference provide you with progress tracking and nutritional and supplemental guidance.

  • Ongoing Client Support

    Lifestyle and nutrition requirements are a dynamic process and change as we navigate through life. We develop strong relationships with our clients to support them for years to come!

Couples & Family Programs

Want to join us as a couple or family?


Making healthy life changes goes faster and easier, and is more fun when done with someone close to you. In our couples and family programs, we work together with you and your spouse, partner, child, or friend to maximize your health potential. After addressing your needs as individuals, we’ll help you develop a practical “healthy household” plan that complements your day-to-day life.

Fun Fact: Couples that get healthy together, stay together!