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Corporate Wellness Series

The Case for Proactive Corporate Wellness Programs

With health care costs spiraling upwards and the new face of the Affordable Healthcare Act emerging, attention to employee health and wellness has never been higher. Meanwhile we see escalating rates of obesity, diabetes and stress in our workforce.  Employee absenteeism due to poor health issues costs corporations millions of dollars each year in lost productivity.  There is no doubt  that by addressing employee wellness on the front end with proactive, preventative programs companies mitigate these losses.

What we are also discovering is that investing in employee health also promotes loyalty, job satisfaction, and increased productivity. According to the Harvard Business Review,  it is estimated that for every $1 invested on employee wellness, results in a  $2.71 comes back to the company—an almost 3 to 1 return on investment!

What We Do

Solaris Whole Health, located in Bernardsville, NJ offers a dynamic Corporate Wellness Series, which includes motivational, multi-media presentations, handouts, recipes, and follow-up email support. Over the last several years we have led programs at AT&T, Merck, AXA Advisors, Arkwin Industries, Hilltown Systems and others.

Initially we meet (virtually as well) with Human Resources personnel to assess what they believe are your employees most pressing needs.  Many HR departments may have already surveyed their employees to establish the priorities. A current trend for many companies, for example, is Stress Relief. With dual-wage earner families, a difficult economy and demanding schedules, employees benefit from learning techniques to manage their stress.

We bring the programs to you. We are happy to set up in a training room, auditorium or conference room. Our interactive programs typically run 1-1.5 hours and can easily be offered as a Lunch and Learn. The following represent are typical programs be we always look forward to tailoring something specifically for you.

SWH Corporate Wellness Programs

• Eating for Energy

• Good Nutrition in the Workplace

• How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

• Meals on the Go: Smart Nutrition for Busy People

• Stress Less

• Decoding Food Labels

• Boosting Your Immunity Naturally

• Learning from Your Sugar Cravings

• Seasonal Eating for Health

• Women’s Health Secrets

• Men’s Health Secrets

As a follow-up to all of our programs, we offer employees discounted rates for our Individual Programs. Contact us today at (908) 221-1112 to learn more.